October News

We have had a very busy and successful month with students working hard in class preparing for Ballet, Modern Dance and Tap examinations in December.

The NTDS Festival Team have been competing at Dance Angels UK Regionals Competition for the past four weekends and have all shown commitment and dedication whilst performing, having gained the following excellent results ...
So proud of all my wonderful students who were a joy to watch!

Congratulations to Vanessa Sulkowska who was awarded a full scholarship to Phoenix Associates Monthly Programme with Olivia Holmes and Ellie Stainsby being awarded full scholarships to the Phoenix Associates Summer School 2019 by Adjudicator David Stinson and to Ashley Garganta who won the Dance Angels UK Festival Bursary ... WELL DONE!

Final Results & Awards
55 First Places
45 Second Places
20 Third Places

Highest Marked Solos
Open A - Ava Huthwaite
Open B - Isobel Lee
Open C - Vanessa Sulkowska
Open D - Olivia Holmes

Duets, Trios & Groups
Highest Marked Primary Duet
Highest Marked Junior Duet
Highest Marked Senior Duet
Highest Marked Junior Trio
Highest Marked Senior Trio
Highest Marked Junior Group
Highest Marked Inter Group
Highest Marked Senior Group

Dance Angels Competition Angel
Olivia Holmes

Bursary Finalists
Vanessa Sulkowska
Francine Garganta
Olivia Holmes
Ashley Garganta

Bursary Winner 
Ashley Garganta

Extremely proud of former student Thomas Varney, who is in his graduate year at Central School of Ballet and will be performing on stages across the nation as a member of the Ballet Central Tour, and also former student Sophie Bond who has recently graduated from The Hammond School and has just received her first professional nine month contract as a dancer/singer on board a cruise ship starting in January.

The School was very excited to be invited to perform at The Nottingham Arts Theatre's 70th Anniversary Gala Concert, with Senior Students performing two pieces during the show.

Next month Senior Students are all looking forward to performing a new contemporary piece entitled 'I Am Dust' choreographed by NTDS Teacher/Choreographer Daisy Moreton at the fabulous Unite The Scene 2018 dance platform.

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